Assistance in entering the Japanese market

Are you interested in the Japanese market?

Bring your company’s products to the Japanese market of 120 million people.

Japan’s GDP is the third largest economy in the world. It is obvious that selling your products in Japan will contribute greatly to your company’s growth.

However, it is a fact that many foreign companies feel uneasy about entering the Japanese market.

Problems faced when expanding into Japan

  • Difficulty in Japanese language and communication with Japanese companies
  • Unable to understand Japanese values, character, and culture
  • Not knowing the delivery route to Japan
  • Difficulty in purchasing items on e-commerce sites such as amazon and Rakuten
  • Very many requests for returns
  • Many bad reviews accumulate, and sales gradually decline.
  • Many Japanese companies are reluctant to deal directly with overseas companies
  • Not familiar with Japanese laws (if you violate Japanese laws, you may be ordered to recall all of your products)
  • Not sure about the Japanese market to begin with. …….etc.

There are many companies that have actually attempted to enter the Japanese market solely on their own, but faced many difficulties such as “did not achieve the expected results” or “were forced to withdraw from Japan” due to differences in Japan’s unique culture, values, and national character.

Japanese people tend to place more importance on quality than on product cost, of course, and they are quick to give a bad evaluation if the quality of a product they had expected is even slightly poor.

In addition, there is still a strong preference for products made in Japan. In order for foreign-made products to succeed in Japan, it is necessary to have product and promotional capabilities that exceed this awareness.

We have a thorough understanding of the Japanese market and can provide thorough support to foreign companies in their efforts to enter the Japanese market.

Three Sales Strategies

Japan is already overflowing with products. We propose three main sales channels to keep selling in the Japanese market.


Using crowdfunding to start selling new products has become one of the strategies for market expansion in recent years. The reason for this is that “test marketing” can be done in as little as one or two months.

This allows us to confirm sales volume and obtain customer feedback, which can then be used to improve the product.

Another advantage of crowdfunding is that you can surround yourself with loyal fans in advance (making a list).

Advantages of Crowdfunding

  • As test marketing
  • Promotion effect
  • Appeal to buyers of Japanese companies (as a toB strategy)

There are currently several crowdfunding sites operating in Japan, including makuake, GREEN FUNDING, machi-ya, CAMPFIRE, and READYFOR.

We will use “makuake (operated by Makuake Inc.)” and “GREEN FUNDING (operated by One More Co., Ltd.)”, which have particularly high product brand diffusion and sales power, and combine them with our own high promotion power to appeal to customers and buyers all over Japan.

In-house Online Sales (B to C)

We use two routes for our toC sales.

Two sales channels for toC sales

  • Open a store on an existing platform (Amazon, Rakuten Market, yahoo shopping, etc.)
  • Selling by setting up a brand page

In Japanese online malls, Rakuten Ichiba has the largest audience with 51.04 million viewers (approx. 42% of the Japanese population), followed by Amazon with 47.29 million viewers and Yahoo! (Note 1)

(Note 1: Partially modified from Nielsen Digital K.K. Monthly Total Report, December 2021)

Although the online malls used will vary depending on the age of the customer, it is very important to keep the above three online platforms under control when working on BtoC in Japan.

We are capable of selling in all three of the above online malls, ensuring that your innovative products are delivered to consumers throughout Japan with a positive impression.

Creating a unique e-commerce site for your products is also very important for your branding strategy. The recent trend is that more and more users are buying from official websites rather than from platforms such as Amazon.

We use shopify, a highly scalable platform, to create product brand pages.

Wholesale (BtoB)

To increase sales volume, we wholesale to corporations that already have a large sales network in Japan.

We engage in wholesale partnerships with major mass retailers and e-commerce platforms that are well-known to the Japanese population, allowing us to sell in substantial quantities.

Particularly, establishing connections with offline sales through Chinese manufacturers has proven challenging. However, it presents the opportunity to expand our sales channels without facing competition.

Japan’s market leans more toward offline transactions than online ones. There is a renewed interest in offline shopping, especially as people regain confidence following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participating in trade shows is also an effective strategy. Media exposure, social networking, crowdfunding, and other methods can pique the interest of major retailers.

One notable event is the biannual Tokyo Gift Show, which stands as Japan’s largest international trade fair for personalized gifts and household items. In 2019, it drew a total of 190,000 visitors.

Promotional Planning

Our company originally started and has grown as an advertising agency. Therefore, unlike most wholesalers, we are able to plan our own advertising strategies in-house. We have a variety of promotional strategies.

Strategic influencer marketing

We visualize potential customers of our own and other companies, narrow down important targets, and appoint influencers who are highly influential on the interest axis. Emphasis is placed on obtaining a high number of engagements, not just a mere number of followers.

Social media strategy to drive sales

Develop SNS accounts and content strategies based on the interests of your customers. Increase the number of highly engaged followers on your SNS and analyze the effect of high engagement and sales.

Effective PPC advertising management

To increase the reach of your e-commerce site or crowdfunding product pages, we utilize listing ads (google ads, yahoo ads, etc.) and display ads (Facebook, instagram, etc.).

Our ad management specialists will support you in improving your ability to attract customers.

Please feel free to contact us!

The information on this page is only a brief introduction to what we do.

We would be happy to discuss how we can actually develop your product through a web conference. Please be assured that we will provide interpreters.






    • 日本語が難しく、日本企業とのコミュニケーションが難しい
    • 日本人の価値観・性格・文化が理解できない
    • 日本への配送ルートがわからない
    • amazonや楽天などのECサイトに出品したものの、なかなか購入されない
    • 返品の依頼が非常に多い
    • 悪い口コミが多く溜まり、次第に売れなくなる
    • 海外企業との直接取引に消極的な日本企業が多い
    • 日本の法律がよくわからない(日本の法律を違反している場合、商品の全回収指示もあります)
    • 日本の売れるマーケットがそもそもわからない













    • テストマーケティングとして
    • プロモーション効果
    • 日本企業のバイヤーへのアピール(toB戦略として)

    現在日本では、makuake、GREEN FUNDING、machi-ya、CAMPFIRE、READYFORなど数種類のクラウドファンディングサイトが運営されています。

    弊社はその中でも特に商品ブランド拡散力・販売力の高い『makuake(運営:株式会社マクアケ)』『GREEN FUNDING(運営:株式会社ワンモア)』を利用し、自社独自の高いプロモーション力を組み合わせて、日本全国のカスタマーおよびバイヤーにアピールします。




    • 既存プラットフォームに出店(Amazon、楽天市場、yahooショッピングなど)
    • ブランドページを立ち上げての販売


    (注1:ニールセンデジタル株式会社 2021年12月のMonthly Totalレポート より引用一部改変)